HMBI News and Updates Spring 2018

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As needed, monthly, usually quarterly, we post HMBI news and updates, on our website, and going forward we’ll post some brief news here, on the Youtube Channel too.

Upcoming before Summer June 21, we plan to go public with the Hakka Mantis Online Courses website.

Today, there are three new youtube playlists posted: Training Notes, News & Updates, and Hong Kong Grand Celebrations.

You can view the training notes on the Generations of Som Bo Gin teaching, on the Playlist above. As time goes by, I’ll post training notes on each online Hakka Mantis Course, as it becomes available. Be sure to read the Full Description Page of each Course, when the new site goes live.

Videos in the News and Update Playlist will be a brief synopsis of our email newsletter. We normally email quarterly Hakka Mantis news from China and Hong Kong, but that may increase to six times a year, after the new site goes live. Be sure to Subscribe to our email newsletter using the link below.

Hong Kong Grand Celebrations Playlist is a legacy of several hundred hours of video, dating back to the 1950s. It was left to my by the late Chu Gar Sifu, Cheng Wan. The videos feature dozens of masters, styles, forms, weapons, lions, unicorns, and more! They are real treasures of Hong Kong Kungfu past. Sit back and watch them all, at your leisure! The more you see the greater your understanding.

Make a note that all our previous 11 websites are being depracted and archived. For example has now become And so it is with the other 10 websites. You’ll find them all archived on the new site when it goes live.

We made a Facebook page for Hakka Mantis Boxing International several months ago but Facebook unpublished the page as a violation of their terms. We appealed but have gotten no reply, in several months. It seems that Facebook themselves may have violated their own terms and everyone else’s privacy, as seen this week, in the mainstream news. Anyway, we’ll likely revise the Facebook page and try again, in the future.

If all goes as scheduled, we will release the above 8 Online Courses before Summer. And some additional Online fundamental, Genuine Internal Work, and PDF Courses. You’ll be welcome to Enroll and take the Courses, as a Member of Hakka Mantis Boxing International, if you are of good character and moral conduct. Drop me a line anytime.

Be sure to subscribe for our email newsletter below. And set your Youtube notifications so you’ll know when the next video is posted here. Keep up the good Mantis.


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