Late Yao Kam Fat Sifu

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Excerpted from the China Kung Fu Survey eBook:


…Mr. Yao related many incidents of the past to me, especially regarding Chu Gar Gao and Jook Lum Tanglang. In the 1940’s, Yao and Wong Yook Gong went to Lao Sui’s Chu Gar School to pay a friendly visit.

At the time, Lao Sui’s first student, tried to fight with Wong Yook Gong but within a few steps was knocked down. This incident was said to have brought harmony between Chu Gar Gao and the Jook Lum Tanglang. Lao Sui is said to have looked up to Chung Yel Chong.

Another incident, related by Mr. Yao, occured at the “Tin Mo Shun Gun” station in which Wong Yook Gong was repeatedly accosted by ten sailors, who were envious of his kungfu mastery… — Video File Sharing for Hakka Mantis Boxing International. Choose a Course of Southern Praying Mantis and start training today! — Online Courses, DVDs, and Skype Training. Join Us — Here.

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