Chu Gar School Opening

The First Chu Gar ‘Wuguan’ Opens in Lao Sui’s Hometown, 2013

RDH and Chen Jian Ming Cooperate

Some have described the opening of the first public Chu Gar  School (wuguan) in Lao Sui’s hometown as an historic event.  And so it was for at least two reasons.  Not the least was that I, RDH, a non-Chinese, was invited to cooperate in opening and teaching in the Chu Gar School.

Secondly, this historic event brought together in cooperation three factions of Chu Gar:  The Lao Sui Huizhou Clan of Chen Jian Ming, who opened the new School; the Yang Shou-Yang Wei Clan, and the Yip Sui ‘Chow Gar’ Clan of Li Tin Loi.  All three factions participated in the opening of the first public Chu Gar School in Lao Sui’s hometown.  Well, four, because I, (RDH), am a Standing Chairman by appointment of the late Cheng Wan Sifu’s Chu Gar Hong Kong Association.

The School’s chart of history and lineage lists Lao Sui’s legacy in both China and Hong Kong:  Lao Sui 3rd generation, Ma Ming Sen 4th generation, Chen Jian Ming 5th generation, and RDH 6th generation among them.  The chart lists Yip Sui as 2nd generation Chu Gar.  There is no ‘Chow Gar’ in China.  ‘Chow Gar’ is only Yip Sui’s version of Chu Gar.

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