Training Notes: Som Gin Steps and Scissors

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This Course, Som Gin Three Steps and Scissors, China Kwongsai Mantis form, is taught in, twelve daily Lessons.

This Course will Not only teach you the single man, shadowboxing form, but also teach you, how to train the skills, contained within the form, left and right, forward and back.

In China, and Hong Kong, it is not uncommon, that some clans may vary in salute, opening sequences, steps forward, turn arounds, and even the variety of Mantis skills, included in the form.

Some enjoy form training for demonstration or performance. The emphasis of our Course training is function over form, nothing for show, everything for use.

Scissors Hands are used to split and deflect incoming force, while simultaneously striking the opponent. A second aspect, of Scissors, is Locking Hands, or taking control of the opponent’s two arms, and listening to his intention.

This Lock Hands is a type of push-hands, or sticky hands skill, employed by simultaneously grabbing and hooking, the opponent’s arms, waiting for his next movement, to then swallow and spit, his power back to him, in attack.

Train this form to completion, in Twelve Consecutive days of training and continue training thirty days without fail.

To gain a full understanding you should start from the beginning and follow the ONLINE COURSES step by step just as you would in a regular Hakka Mantis School. Skipping any part or any Course will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

There are some 36 Single Man Forms of Hakka Mantis to be offered by HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE. Take them all as they become available, beginning in the Spring 2018… RDH



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