Training Notes: Dan Zhuang Single Bridge Buddha Hands

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In this Course, I will teach you how this first China Kwongsai shadowboxing form, Dan Zhuang Single Bridge, refers to the use of a single arm, in attack and defense, instead of the double bridge – two arms at once. Even though the first basic form, it lays the cornerstone, for all other China Kwongsai Mantis forms.

This Online Course is taught in 12 daily lessons.

There are many examples of single bridge, or single arm techniques, in Hakka Mantis.

Afterall, the 3 Branches of Hakka Mantis are developed from one root and similarities in structure, body posture, footwork, and hand skills are common.

One single arm or bridge movement contains seven actions: upward palm strike, downward locking hand, outer middle hook, upward phoenix eye and spear fingers, single gop sao, and downward outer hook.

Generally, in Hakka Mantis, one movement of the arm may contain 3 5 7 or 9 actions, before recoiling. A single movement of the arm with seven actions is the core teaching, in this China Kwongsai Mantis fundamental first form. Other critical elements include three point turn arounds, and the closing sequence that is mostly seen in all other China Kwongsai forms. Therefore, it sets the foundation, for your further training.

Train this form to completion, in Twelve Consecutive days of training and continue training thirty days without fail.

To gain a full understanding you should start from the beginning and follow the ONLINE COURSES step by step just as you would in a regular Hakka Mantis School. Skipping any part or any Course will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

There are some 36 Single Man Forms of Hakka Mantis to be offered by HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE. Take them all as they become available!!!

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