Training Note: Advanced Two Man Forms

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Advanced Two Man – Training Notes

Advanced boxing begins with Fundamental training. One should first train Volumes One through Volume Nine Fundamentals.

And then train Volume Ten, Chi Sao Sticky Hands, Passoffs, and trapping skills. There are six sticky hand single and double bridge methods, trapping, passoffs and continuous Mor Sao Feeling Hand taught, in Volume Ten.

After Fundamental Training and Intermediate Chi Sao, one should train the EIGHT TWO MAN FORMS as one long form. This long form is referred to as 108.

Beginning with Volume Eleven, Loose Hands Set One, you train the first two man form, in three sections, teaching following the opponents power and counter-skills to get loose or get free, of the opponents offense.

Next is Volume Twelve, Som Bo Gin Two Man Form. This two man form is an advanced set teaching many of the 18 Basic Hand Skills, as well as some unique supplemental hands not found in most Hakka Mantis training.

Next is Volume Thirteen, Loose Hands Set Two which includes crescent kicking, down and ups, sweeping and stomps, jump kicks, low high double kicking, leg jams, sticky elbows, multiple counters, arm bars, and more.

Following is Volume Fourteen, 108 Subset. This two man form is high horse, kicks and leg jams, angular deflections, and two man training of skills taught in the single man forms.

Next is Volume Fifteen, Um Hon Two man which mimics the single man form training with big hammer fist, sweeps, simultaneous kick and punch, T patterns, beak strikes, flicking hands and more.

Following is Volume Sixteen, Um Hon Set Two. This further refines advanced two man training with multiple strikes and counters, elbow control, low kicks, cross stances, and angular attacks.

Next is Volume Seventeen, Mui Fa Plum Flower. This is a simple and short two man form with the low horse stepping and striking together in the shape of plum flower petal footwork.

And Volume Eighteen is Eighteen Buddhas, which teaches low horse and high horse, go behind the opponent skills, nail knees, short sweeping, monkey kick, and more.

Together these EIGHT TWO MAN FORMS should be trained as one long Mantis form on both sides A B and B A. This is the most advanced and most enjoyable Hakka Mantis training.

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