Training Note: 10 Elbows, 10 Hooks, Plum Flower, Insects, Pak, Lop, Fic Sao

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Online Course Overview


The development, of genuine Hakka Mantis training, can lead to a mysterious result:  Rooting in stance, the ability to feel and use the opponent’s force against him, and the ability to strike the opponent’s vital points, at will.  This Short Course USA Kwongsai training teaches integral skills, in your understanding of Hakka Mantis and more gems, in your Hakka Mantis treasure chest.

In this Course, I will teach you integral ancillary training including 10 Elbow Strokes, and additional elbow skills.  You will also train 10 Hand Hooks using open hand and closed fist, as well as “Fic Sao” and “Pak Sao”, a defense of the Four Corners (shoulders and hips), of the torso.

In this Course: 

  • One – 10 Elbow Strokes — Single Sticky Elbow — Um Hon Sticky Elbows
  • Two — Pak Sao Four Corners & Five Strokes Single and Double Bridge — Lop Sao Grab & Jerk – Mantis Hook Single and Double Bridge
  • Three— Pak Sao Seven Strokes & Kick –– Single and Double Bridge
  • Four — Fic Sao Four Corners & Seven Strokes — Five Form Plum Flower Hand — Single and Double Bridge
  • Five — 10 Hook Hands — Double Bridge — Mantis Searching for Insects — Five Variations

These Ancillary Skills, in this Short Course,
will build on the foundation, of ALL the Single Man Shadowboxing Forms and Advanced Two Man Forms.

Your ultimate ability will depend, upon the depth, of your understanding.  Do not limit yourself.  Train the Three Branches, of Hakka Mantis.  Understand the 1st and 2nd Generation differences.  Gain an ability, with the Hard and Soft Powers, of the Fundamental Skills.  Instill the Mantis posture and powers, within the Mantis shapes, with all the Shadowboxing sets.  Refine your Hakka Mantis, with the Advanced Two Man Training Forms.

Enroll and Start training this Course today. You have nothing to lose, but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis.

This ancillary Short Course does not provide a Certificate of Completion.  This Course teaches essential Skills that build a foundation for all following Shadowboxing Forms.  All Shadowboxing Form COURSES will provide you with a Certificate of Completion / Training Certificate.

Gain a full understanding and ability. Train ALL the HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE.  Get started now.


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