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I’m 61, in 2017.  I started training in the 1960s.  I started training USA Kwongsai Mantis with Louie Jack Man, in the 1970s.  I made ceremony to Mark Gin Foon, in 1980.  I first arrived at Hong Kong’s Chu Gar Door in 1983.  I made Chu Gar ceremony to Gene Chen, in San Fran, circa 1988 and Cheng Wan Sifu, Hong Kong, 2002.   In 2013, with Chen Jianming, I opened the first public Chu Gar School in Lao Sui’s hometown.   I’ve been coming to Pingshan since 1992, and haven’t left Pingshan in the last 15 years.  There are two Kwong Wu Tong’s in Pingshan and above is shown Kwong Wu Tong Number 1, under Wong Yu Hua.  See this year’s celebration above where Wong hosted more than a thousand people for New Year.

I continue my association with the Hong Kong Chu Gar clans, Lao Sui’s hometown family and Chu Gar clans,  and the Kwongsai Mantis Clans in Hong Kong, China, and the USA.  Your visit is welcome.

Start training traditional Hakka Mantis today with the Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses, DVDs, Books and materials.  Have you trained today?  Get started now!