Hong Kong Kungfu Corner 2003

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About the Grand Celebrations!

Join the Hong Kong Kungfu Celebrations dating back to the 1950s!  Watch for Free!  More than 100 different videos featuring dozens of masters, styles, forms, weapons, lions, unicorns, and more!  Treasures of Hong Kong Kungfu. The more you see the greater your understanding – sit back and watch them all, at your leisure!

  • Most Videos Original, Unedited Video
  • Chinese Narration (Kungfu is common language)
  • Video Quality varies by year and format


Late Cheng Wan Sifu

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The late Grandteacher, Cheng Wan, was a cultural icon, in the Hong Kong Kungfu community.  Every year, for more than 35 years, he held grand traditional Kungfu Celebrations, which included hundreds of teachers, students, and laymen, of every style, from around the world.  Enjoy his legacy of Grand Celebrations, at your leisure!

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