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Excerpted from Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses


I’m 61, in 2017.  I started training, in the 1960s.  I started training USA Kwongsai Mantis with Louie Jack Man, in the 1970s.  I made ceremony to Mark Gin Foon, in 1980.  I first arrived at Hong Kong’s Chu Gar Door, in 1983.  I made Chu Gar ceremony to Gene Chen, in San Fran, circa 1988 and Cheng Wan Sifu, Hong Kong, 2002.   In 2013, with Chen Jianming, I opened the first public Chu Gar School, in Lao Sui’s hometown.  

I’ve been coming to Pingshan since 1992, and haven’t left Pingshan, in the last 15 years.  There are two Kwong Wu Tong’s in Pingshan and above is shown Kwong Wu Tong Number 1, under Wong Yu Hua.  See this year’s celebration above where Wong hosted more than a thousand people for New Year.

I continue my association with the Hong Kong Chu Gar clans, Lao Sui’s hometown family and Chu Gar clans,  and the Kwongsai Mantis Clans in Hong Kong, China, and the USA.  Your visit is welcome.

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Unabridged Transcript of the Video Above:


I have created the Hakka Mantis Boxing International site to share, with you, the genuine Hakka Mantis teachings from the China hometowns.   Follow us and you’ll be able to understand the various clans of Hakka Southern Mantis and how they relate to each other in boxing, culture, and more.

Hakka Mantis is an intangible cultural heritage.  Using the tools of the future we can help to preserve the teachings of the past.  You don’t have to peek through a hole in the wall like the old timer’s did!

We welcome you to join us here, in beautiful sunny south China, but you don’t have to travel to China to learn step by step the genuine transmissions of Hakka Mantis boxing. You can start training traditional Hakka Southern Mantis, in the next five minutes, with our Online Courses, DVDs, Books, and other materials.  Join us!


Pingshan – Hometown of Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis

Greetings from beautiful, sunny, South China! This is Pingshan on a holiday!

Pingshan is the hometown of Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis. I came here 25 years ago and haven’t left in the last 15 years!

This year, 2017, the Spring Festival in Pingshan was attended by some 1000 people.

More than a dozen Unicorn Clans and folks from far and wide enjoyed Hakka Mantis boxing and the Unicorn Culture, all before partaking of a sumptuous feast together.

In fact, it is so popular, that the China government has awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage to the Wong Yu Hua Mantis and Unicorn Clan.

In the 1940’s, the late Wong Yuk Gong Sifu opened his first Kwongsai Mantis school just around the corner from here.

Today it is hosted by his son Wong Yao Hua and this is what it looks like. In fact, it was Wong who hosted this year’s Spring Festival celebration you’ve just seen!


Huizhou – Hometown of Lao Sui’s Chu Gar Mantis

About an hour’s drive, from Pingshan, is Huizhou City, the hometown of Chu Gar Hakka Mantis and Lao Sui’s home.

Although, Lao never got to see it, in the 1930s, he had this home built for his family. Today, his family still lives here.  And there is a small memorial set up to commemorate Lao and his Chu Gar legacy.

In 2013, I opened with Chen Jian Ming the first public Chu Gar school in Lao Sui’s hometown, Huizhou. Some 15 Yip Sui students, from Hong Kong, attended. Yip Sui is listed only as a Lao Sui Chu Gar 2nd Generation disciple. There is no Chow Gar, in China, nor has there ever been.

A few years past, I brought the Huizhou Lao Sui Chu Gar family and disciples to vist the Pingshan Kwongsai Mantis headquarters. Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis enjoys brotherhood and camaraderie, in Hong Kong and China.


Hong Kong – Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis First and Second Generation Disciples

In Hong Kong, Chung Yel Chong took Kwongsai Mantis and Lao Sui started teaching Chu Gar, circa 1920s. From the 1940s on, Kwongsai and Chu Gar Mantis blossomed in Hong Kong, mostly among the Hakka people. Today, there are many notable Hakka Mantis Sifu, in Hong Kong, such as Cheng Chiu, Anthony Chan, Lee Kwok Leung, Lam Hau Kit, Lee Chun Lim and others.


USA Kwongsai Mantis First, Second, and Third Generation Disciples

The late Lam Sang was from Pingshan and taught his Hakka Mantis in the USA, after the 1940s.  

His USA disciples have communicated with the Hong Kong and China brothers.


Traditional Hakka Mantis – Direct from the Source

All the Hakka Mantis, in China and Hong Kong, is only some 150 years old and all from one small geographical area and a small clique of Hakka people.  To gain a good understanding and ability you should search and prove all things!

Come here and train with us at one of the largest Hakka museums, in all of China, or learn at your convenience by taking the Online Courses.

Send me an email if you have any questions. Join our Hakka Mantis Pai, Hakka Mantis Boxing International, and make this your online School.

Enroll, take a course, and train daily.  It’s that simple!  Get started now.

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