Chu Gar 12 Combination Skills

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Originally, Chu Gar Hakka Mantis was half-hard and half-soft power.  However, today, Chu Gar and its many offshoots, such as Chow Gar, and its spin-offs, emphasize hard strength and gritting, of the teeth!  Lao Sui only ever taught Chu Gar Gao, later renamed, as Chu Gar Mantis.  There is no ‘Chow’ Gar, in China, nor has there ever been any ‘Chow’ Gar, in China.  Lao Sui only ever taught Chu Gar.  Yip Sui only ever studied Chu Gar Mantis, from Lao Sui.  Search and prove all things. 

Any martial art begins with  基本功  ‘Ji Ben Gong’, the fundmentals, the basics, upon which the art is built.  The training is progressive, from basic to advanced.  When you reach advanced, you realize the art is built, upon the basic.

Through the basics, you realize the essence, of an art.  Hakka Mantis essence is rooting in the feet, feeling in the hands, and target practice, to the vital points.  Dim Mak, as mostly seen today, including ‘Southern’ Mantis, is poppycock.  If you have strength and skill, then any point you hit is a vital point.  Skill is the operative word – skill, in the essence of Hakka Mantis:  root, feeling hand, target practice.  To gain that skill, you must concentrate on the ‘Ji Ben Gong’ fundamentals.

In this Course, I will teach you Lao Sui’s, First Generation, 12 Combination Hand Skills, of Chu Gar Mantis.  You should train the Course, 12 Basic Hand Skills, before taking this Course.  These Fundamental skills must first be trained alone, by yourself, as shadowboxing, to mold the Mantis frame and ingrain the skills, into muscle memory.  

Your ultimate ability will depend, upon the depth, of your understanding.  Do not limit yourself.  Train the Three Branches, of Hakka Mantis.  Understand the 1st and 2nd Generation differences.  Gain an ability, with the Hard and Soft Powers, of the Fundamental Skills.  Instill the Mantis posture and powers, within the Mantis shapes, with all the Shadowboxing sets.  Refine your Hakka Mantis, with the Advanced Two Man Training Forms. 

Form is not function.  After you have the Mantis framework and understanding, of the basics, you must drill them with a partner, until they become instinctive, without thought, in self-defense.  A journey of 1,000 miles, in Chu Gar, begins with the 12 Basic and Combination Hand Skills.  Get started now. 

Enroll and Start training this Course today. You have nothing to lose, but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis.

Get started now. To gain a full understanding you should start from the beginning and follow the ONLINE COURSES step by step just as you would in a regular Hakka Mantis School. Skipping any part or any Course will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

There are some 36 Single Man Forms of Hakka Mantis to be offered by HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE. Take them all as they become available!

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