Training Notes: Shuang Zhuang Double Bridge Buddha Hands

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Shuang Zhuang is the second China Kwongsai Mantis Shadowboxing form.

You should have trained the Dan Zhuang Single Bridge Course before training this form. If you didn’t, you will not reach an expert understanding and ability.

In the first form, Dan Zhuang Single Bridge I taught you one step salute with opening sequence step back.

In this second form, I will teach you two step salute with opening sequence one step forward. This Online Course is taught in 14 daily lessons.

And in the following third form, Som Gin Steps and Scissors, I will teach you three step salute and opening sequence two steps.

One step, two steps, three steps salute and opening sequence step back, step forward, and two steps forward, in the China Kwongsai Mantis first, second, and third forms, is taught.

The emphasis of this second form, Shuang Zhuang Double Bridge is the use of two arms simultaneously in attack, defense, and counter attack.

Double Bridge sequences are many. In this form, I emphasize, the development of 1, 2, and 3 inch powers or short powers followed by Bil Jee, Gop Sao, Gwak Sao.

Only the USA Kwongsai Mantis second generation Course teaches more double bridge short power strikes, than this form.

As well there are elements, in this form, seen in Lam Sang’s USA two Man 108 form, such high and low horse, and the 3 – 5 principle of training.

Train this form to completion, in Fourteen Consecutive days of training and continue training thirty days without fail.

To gain a full understanding you should start from the beginning and follow the ONLINE COURSES step by step just as you would in a regular Hakka Mantis School. Skipping any part or any Course will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

There are some 36 Single Man Forms of Hakka Mantis to be offered by HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE. Take them all as they become available!

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